testimonials about Khouri coaching and consulting

"Don is a masterful facilitator of ideas and has a gift for drawing out fresh thinking in his group coaching sessions.  I have participated in two of his workshops.  His style is engaging and his command of the material always delivers valuable insights.  Working with Don has been a great learning experience!"
-- Bill Crosby, SalesJump New England.

"Don is a great coach and mentor. His coaching has helped me and continues to help me a lot in my career. He is still available to guide me whenever I need it. He is an expert in Leadership and Productivity. With his experiance in IT leadership, he can provide a great value to technology leaders and help them become more productive, which can be a great asset in todays world. I highly recommend Don, if you are looking for any coaching in Leadership or Productivity." 
-- Aditya Jhawar, Vice President, State Street Global Advisors.

"I decided to utilize Don Khouri to help guide me in my professional development at a time when my industry was becoming extremely crowded and competitive. My one-on-one sessions with him not only gave me great clarity about my own career path, but he helped position me as a leader and as a valuable candidate.  I have recommended his services to my company."
-- John G., Los Angeles, mobile marketing services

"Don came on board with me in October, 2008 and my production increased by 25% in 2009.  Not only has Don helped my business but he has helped turn around a company close to bankruptcy to doing millions in sales.  His technique is a very interesting mix of excitement, motivation, yet subtle and smooth -- no interruption in the daily operation of the business.  This helps the employees implement the improvements more easily.  Don is so good, even if I wanted to hire him full-time, I can't because many other companies are requesting his attention.  I know that by continuing to work with Don, the sky is the limit."
-- Dr. Ghada S. Massabni, DMD, DDS

"Hi Don:  I was just thinking, as I started writing a Board report for next week - how great things are happening at On The Rise now, how wonderful and rare that is at this moment in time in the nonprofit human services world - and how much credit I give to your coaching this Spring.  Awesome.  Thank you again!"
-- Martha Sandler, Executive Director

“My two new teams had terrific results from an all-day team building offsite that Don planned and conducted. We developed our collective mission statement and team objectives which established team direction and responsibilities. This resulted in two focused teams that were clear on their objectives. It was truly amazing how one day could have such high dividends by: sprinting out of the starting gate, team member buy-in to the group's objectives, team members having a stronger understanding to base future decisions and actions on, and a team instead of a group of individuals.”
-- Eric Caster, Director, PMP certified, Fidelity Investments

"There are two characteristics of Don’s leadership that have always impressed me. First, he brings a fierce resolve to achieving goals. I have worked with Don on many projects and he was always resolute on achieving the right solution that balanced considerations of cost, functionality, and schedule. Secondly, in personal style Don brings a personal humility that is focused on maximizing the role of individual contributors. Don sees leadership as an enabler role. For Don, leadership is service – service to the mission and service to his collaborators. In the domain of personal productivity, Don has always been a leader and a source of inspiration and practices for me. Working with Don I assembled a collection of personal practices that allowed me to achieve at my maximum. As a mentor he practices what he preaches and I have learned many practical productivity strategies from Don."
-- Christopher Ross, Technology Risk Leader

“Don has a powerful ability to organize options that are focused on future plans. He manages the balance of allowing space for ideas to be offered with the practical requirements to make something happen. Further, Don is generous in sharing his experience."
-- Leadership Coach

"As the Vice President of Communications for Fidelity Investment's global IT organization my team and I directly support the CIO, making sure that our employees are fully informed about our ongoing initiatives to keep Fidelity one of the real technology leaders in the financial services industry. I met Don when he was a member of the technology senior management team and his passion for leadership development was clearly evident. Don helped establish the first mentor program for the department and served on its advisory committee matching mentors and protégées. He championed the benefits of the program across the organization, cajoled time-strapped managers to participate, and was a mentor to many, including me. Our mentor-protégé relationship quickly developed into a trusted partnership that accelerated my professional development and career. Don invested time getting to know me, listened to and reframed the challenges I faced, and offered solid advice and support. Don has the highest integrity and values.  As I lead teams and mentor young professionals in business today, I'm grateful for the countless lessons he taught me."
-- Mary Lee Dunn, VP, IT Communications, Fidelity Investments

"Don Khouri trained and instilled an organizational system for my company that has served as the foundation for all of the company’s operations. Don’s system and effective training techniques helped my employees and I to grow the business by over 500% over the past 10 years. I attribute a material portion of the company’s success and its current dominant market share in our industry directly to the organizational system that Don created and implemented at our firm. Don’s well rounded knowledge, practical approach, and experience along with his commitment to continued education and training make him an exceptional coach, advisor, and consultant."
-- Frank Massabni, CEO, Food and Beverage Industry

“Don consistently demonstrates a sincere interest in the development of the people on his team, and Don has a unique talent for sharing leadership insights and lessons learned based on his experience and studies.”
-- Vivian Schmidt, VP, Project Management Office, Fidelity Investments

“Don has impeccable communication skills and makes sure that the points he is trying to deliver come across smoothly and effectively. Don is not one for just giving you an answer. He wants you to think on your own, but is also there to guide you again using personal and business ethics. His philosophy is simple, yet effective. We have seen Don's personal dedication and performance for our company and he treats it as if he is a stockholder. We love having Don as our coach and look forward to working with him for a long time to come.”
-- Owner, Pest Control Company