Productivity for Technology Leaders

Khouri Coaching & Consulting (KCC) provides leadership and productivity services to help technology leaders improve productivity.

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Are you able to make thoughtful decisions about where and how to spend your time or is your incoming information defining how you spend your day?

As a leader, how are you spending your time?  Strategic Planning, Staff Development, Setting Direction.  How would you like to spend your time?

Are you the best possible leader you can be?  Are you doing what you do best every day?  Are you leveraging your strengths?

Does your team work together toward a common vision? Does it have the ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives? Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

During his 24-year career as a technology professional, Don has dealt successfully with the challenges you, as a technology leader, face every day. Bringing his broad base of experience to his coaching practice, he can help you maximize productivity, create business value, maintain focus, optimize new project setup, and assemble and assimilate teams and organizations.

His goal is your growth as a dynamic, effective leader. Don facilitates the expansion of your ability to generate your own solutions, rather than provide you the answers himself. Using his strategies and tools, you will learn to build successful teams, get complex projects off to the right start, and complete them on time and within budget. You'll be able to keep your projects on track, without continually seeking outside solutions.

Don has developed a unique three-pronged approach to leadership development. He will begin with you, the leader. You'll discover, develop and leverage the skills and competencies that are the hallmarks of an effective leader.

Next, he will support you in developing your team. That team will be grounded in a cohesive, focused mission that is sustained by a set of guiding principles. You'll establish a clear 3-5 year vision, use organizational development skills to place the right people in the right jobs, ensure that the team members' roles and responsibilities are clear, and organize to accomplish your goals.

Finally, once the team and the project structures are established, you'll apply Don's productivity processes to enhance genuine effectiveness. You will implement a methodology that allows you to track all of your commitments, anticipate potential problems and their solutions, and make intuitive choices about your work. The tools will also enable you to focus on what's important, and to differentiate between the truly important and the merely urgent.